Analogue - IT support on your terms

Our Philosophy:

We started Analogue because we believe that digital solutions shouldn’t come pre-packaged out of a fancy box. As some large companies might have you believe - computers don’t solve IT problems – people solve them – and people are very analogue creatures. This is why we consider our solutions IT 2.0 – the next generation of support.

Our Services:

  1. Business–wide solutions
  2. Asset management
  3. WorkflowMax
  4. Cloud based email
  5. SPAM and AV protection
  6. Competitive pricing

Our Solutions:

  1. AnalyseIT
  2. UpgradeIT
  3. MaintainIT
  4. Proof-Me
  5. Analogue FtpIT
  6. Analogue SendIT



Analogue’s Flash-based web page turner application allows you to upload content and perform limited online proofing with your clients.

This can save you time and money on hard copy print outs.

Analogue FtpIT


Web-based FTP hosted server with branded login page.


Analogue SendIT


If you need to send files that are too big for email, Analogue can help. We can upload and download your large files that cannot be sent via email or through restricted corporate firewalls.


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